Man who makes pubic wigs (Merkins) for a living and only uses real fur
I need a new merkin so I'm off to the minker
by Montiero is the worst Chris November 15, 2020
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synonyms: Mink, utter Mink, such a Minker,
Widely used in the North West of Ireland to describe those from towns such as Sligo, who display chav qualities chav
The word itself has been in use in these quarters for many years before 'chav' became a commonplace term. If you meet someone from Sligo who is confused by the term chav you can simply tell them that it is another word for minker. This is not advised if said person from Sligo is wearing a lot of Burberry/ pink tracksuits/ sportgear/ strange frizzy perm/ has a pregnant 13 year old in tow.

Minkers are often seen in packs, usually hanging around together being involved in such noble leisure activities such as smoking, intimidation, shoplifting (they hunt alone and in packs), brawling, and boy racing.
Boy racing is an activity often seen on either sunny days or at night after night club hours. It involves driving around the one way system of Sligo in a souped up little car- usually many minks will fit in their Mink Mobile, windows and/or sunroof are typically open- this allows the 2 way exchange between the minkers and the outside world- generally in the manner of loud crappy music (could be raver, could be hip hop, but never very good examples of either of these music cultures) coming out of the car and abuse being yelled from other Minkers outside the car.
It is unclear whether these Minkers are driving around in a similar manner DURING nightclub hours after being refused entry by self respecting establishments and door staff, and this is some ritual of redemption. (citing needed.)
It is impossible to be a true Minker and speak really well, The Minker usually displays a strong local dialect and can be difficult to understand, particularly when drunk or aggressive. Phrases like "Whaa yew fookin lookin aaaah" are typical.
If you every encounter a Minker, survival tips include, watch your bag and any daughters you have around 13 years of age, as she will be seen as prime mating age for most teenage Minkers. Also, try to refrain from making eye contact as you are likely to be met with their war cry, which is often a pre-cursor to a fight "Whaaaadya tink yewwer foookin lookin ahhhhhh?" " Are yeow geevin me doirty eyes, are ya? is it yeah? is it? Cmere yew!"
If you hear these noises, its best to cross the road.
Good luck
by Sarah Caulfield May 14, 2008
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A minker is a slut whos boobs are too big and their shirt always falls off.
Amor you're a minker!
Jessica is not a minker!
James is fat, He's a male minker!
by Chris Finethy January 18, 2007
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Probably derived from "tinker" and used primarily in scotland. Used to describe someone with low standards of personal hygiene ie someone who is rather dirty, disgusting and may have a tendency to raid bins. One can also be a "mink" and a minker is "minky"
Awa an hae a wash ya dirty minker
by kez January 14, 2004
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Minkered is a term used to describe once being either drunk or under the influence of illegal narcotics
'' should have seen me mike i was proper minkered''
by RTW6095 January 30, 2012
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We call our fanny a Minker, Or Minkie.
"Get ya Minker out"
"did he touch your minker?"
by Nicky_Joy December 08, 2005
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