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People often think of Minke whale when one hears such name.

Minkes, similar to minke whales, are albeit not the most sociable creature, does have a sense of curiosity and is in nature very friendly. They value alone time but do appreciate spending quality time with a small group of people.

Furthermore, Minke whales is the second smallest in the Baleen whale category. Much like their namesake, Minkes tend tend to not enjoy attracting too much attention and prefer to flow through life peacefully and happily.

Hence, people generally uses Minke to describe people who are quietly at first but friendly once you start chatting with them; who has a sense of curiosity and flows through life happily.
Example 1
A: Oh life has been so stressful recently.
B: Ah, don’t worry about it, be a Minke!

Example 2
A: Ah, I wonder where this alleyway lead to. We have some time, let’s go and explore.
B: Yeah sure, you’re such a Minke!
by Lifeasawhale February 12, 2018
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As in minke whale. Unattractive fat girl. Can often be seen wearing inappropriately tight clothing. Often associated with lack of personal grooming and hygiene. Flops around everywhere.
"That chick is such a minke!"
"I feel like such a minke in this dress!"
by CamoGirl February 22, 2008
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