when you stick one ball into a vag then the other one is being sucked by a differnt girl.
hell ya i put my ball on her face i called it one in one out!
by awsome6000and3 April 2, 2010
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A diet based on making a bowel movement shortly after eating a meal to excrete the prior. Thus keeping a person at a consistent weight.
Person 1: Yo' Flossy.
Person 2: Sup?
Person 1: Hey man how do you stay so thin.
Person 2: The one in one out diet, I be shittin' all the time!
by Flossy May 27, 2005
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The sudden need to pass a bowel movement right after eating a meal.
Steve - "The doormen of my guts hold a one in, one out policy"
Jane - "Why are you calling me to say this?"
Steve - "Could you ask the waiter to bring more paper to the lavatory, they're all out."
by IanContinentia October 19, 2009
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