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A term of endearment used to address and/or describe a person or animal. Silly Mingloid, Youngest offspring of Monkey and Pingu Penguin.
Mingu pooped on the couch then hid the Dorito's from Burtle above the stove!!
But don't tell Burtle! No No No!!!
by Burtle November 15, 2007
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Last name of famous jazz composer and artist, Charlie Mingus.
All of those cans referred to some artist or genre or other thing.
by Digs June 30, 2004
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a big fat round piece of pussy that hangs out of the panties
have you ever seen a mingus before
by Reginald January 08, 2003
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Strong minded don't fuck with fuck with fuck nigga and get plenty of the hoes and stay with money
That nigga over there think he mingus or sumbody
by Lifesavers September 22, 2015
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Yes this is a fine antique mingus, looks to be from the victorian era.
by El February 03, 2004
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