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A disease every man has dormant inside him. When a man becomes a pussy his penis goes inside him and and a gap opens (a vagina).
A man gets his fast food order is wrong and cries. The Mingina diseases awakens and he gets a vagina
by Shifted Moon August 09, 2012
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1. An extension of the word Minge can also be used as the collective noun for Minge.
2. Alternate name for a girl named Minge.
3. Used when getting the attention of one named Minge when she is not paying attention.
1. One Minge, many Mingina
2. This is my friend Mingina
3. Hey Minge, Minge, Oi Minge!
HEY MINGINA, drag your ass over here!
by Defamed Socialite November 21, 2004
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