Paying attention to the downright fucking obvious. This usually manifests as paying for a therapist to tell you that if you fart you might need to shit soon. Can only be counteracted by a whack over the head with a plank and a tattoo reading, 'GET A FUCKING GRIP.'
I've been practising mindfulness. It's been very helpful. I haven't been arrested once since I started getting dressed before going to drop the children at school.
by missprim October 16, 2014
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Popular ideas of Mindfulness:
1. Meditation watered-down to one ultra-simple practice: noticing what your mind is thinking, without judging the thoughts. Similar to stream of consciousness, but at least paying attention to the idea that "My mind is thinking this."
2. Doing things undistractedly; paying attention to what we are doing.

Traditional Buddhist definition:
3. Part of our mind which holds and remembers the meditation object, or enables us to remember things. It also helps to overcome distraction. If we are very forgetful or get distracted easily, then we need to strengthen this kind of mindfulness. In traditional Buddhist meditation, one focuses on a feeling or concept, and tries to hold the attention on this feeling or concept with mindfulness.
1. Today, I kept following my thoughts instead of letting them go. My mindfulness meditation wasn't working.
2. I took out the trash without thinking of anything except the trash can rolling on the uneven ground.

3. I was meditating on love, but my mindfulness was weak, so I started thinking about pizza.
by Niznir December 15, 2019
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a state of being in the ultimate form of existence in terms of your mind exceeding your physical body.
I'm Woke! (he's being mindfulness)
Everything changed when the fire nation attacked!
All Might-san (;
by Senor BOnjour December 18, 2018
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I never said I minded babe.
You always think that

btw i love you
by Joshuay February 22, 2009
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Mind is a word frequently used in Scotland meaning:

memory, remembrance, recollection.

In numerous phrases with verbs, constituting the equivalents of verbs of remembering, recalling or reminding.
"Mate, mind that time ah decked Billy?"

"Naw, ah dinnae mind that time ye decked Billy."

by GallusFud September 19, 2012
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A part of existence that philosophers and scientists just can't seem to "wrap their minds around", albeit it has been at the center of philosophical and scientific discourse for centuries.
Philosopher 1: "What is the mind?"

Philosopher 2: "I have no idea."
by FNW September 25, 2011
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A different way of saying "look out for..." or "watch out..." Comman usage by Brits.
Friend 1 (driving car): And then I-

Friend 2: Oi! Mind that tree!
by Sunster August 01, 2008
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