Mina, the cute fun kinda person people admire , she has a kind golden heart and doesn't hesitate to give her opinion. You can count on her to listen to you ;and keep your secret a secret. She doesn't realise how much people admire her for her beauty, sexiness, kindness and how clever she is. She's the 'girl next door' type; who any guy would be lucky to have!

The name means little in Spanish and cute in Persian.
Guy#1: I need her !
Guy#2: who?
Guy#1: Mina! She's so cute and funny and somehow sexy!!
by Totorofan#1 December 22, 2012
means daisy in persian...very cute,outgoing and awesome!
mina is very helpful in any issue. :D
by Mina :D June 8, 2006
A beautiful, nice, smart, TALL person that everyone likes. All the guys like her! Especially one special guy who everyone is jealous of... because he has her.
by Fred Claus December 31, 2008
Mina is a wonderful name shared by many wonderful people. For example, there is a news reporter with the name Mina. There is also some Kpop idol named Mina I think. But one thing all people named Mina have in common is their neverending flood of love and affection. People with the name Mina are often characterized as fun-loving people who empathize with people they care for very easily. Always ready to hear the other side of the story, people named Mina are the best kind of people in the world!
Person 1: "Mina is so poggers"
Person 2: "fr I love Mist"
by Yuviiiii November 24, 2021
1. Name of a saint in the Coptic Orthodox religion
2. A very popular name for Egyptian males
Mina is the best looking Egyptian ever.
by George Kaplin January 23, 2009
Chilean slang for an attractive young woman

It is the female form of the Chilean noun "mino" - meaning an attractive young person.
¿Vamos a cruzar por minas? - Shall we go cruising for hot girls?

by PelleCG November 30, 2007