Coptic is a term referring to a Copt or a Christian of Egypt. Coptic is the original language of the Coptic Orthodox Church headed by H.H Shenouda III. Coptic is a mixture of Greek, and Hebrew. Coptic Christians make up 10% of Egypt's population, and many are emigrating from Egypt because of religious tension. Muslims are constantly bullying the Copts, by refusing them good educations and jobs.
Mark "Hey, what was that article of those monks being murdered in Egypt about?"
Joe "It was about a few Muslims who killed a few Coptic Orthodox monks."
by CopticLove August 9, 2008
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When a car first appears to be an unmarked cop car, but in the end turns out to be some old guy driving a Lincoln town car
"Dude buckle up, there's a po po up there!"

"Nah man, don't worry thats just a coptical illusion."
by The fizzisict June 19, 2009
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A Coptic that is a hoe and also a slut and don’t know how to act right
That girl is a Coptic Tampa girl
by Coptqqq January 10, 2018
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