Milkway or milkywaying as it is known is the act of pouring luke warm milk from fine bone china and only fine bone china into a womens particulary loose vagina, im talking like throwin a hot dog down an alleyway loose, and then proceeding to either fist, foot or stump pile drive her causing the milk to squirt out in the form of the milkyway galaxy. CAUTION ENSURE LUBRICATION OF THE FIST BEFORE INSERTING AS CASES OF HANDS GETTING STUCK AND THE FIRE BRIGADE BEING CALLED HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO OCCUR.
Man: Oh Edgar such a lovely night, perfect for a bit of milkyway wouldn't you say darlin.

Woman: Oh I'll get the fine bone china teapot!!!
by Jonny Bloggs January 08, 2008
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when you are eating a girl out aand she orgasms and you suck up her juice and and spray it into her mouth while she has it open, gasping and moaning, then she sprays it out.
dude i had so much fun last night giving that bitch a milky way.
by mthwkirk July 06, 2009
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when reciveing a blow job as one is about to ejacutate he bobs the girls head down all the way down so she deep throuts, therefore sperm begins to flow out of her nose.
i was gettig head from jessica and i gave here a milky way and cum flowed out her nose like a fat kid drinking milk.
by jerry avila February 20, 2008
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When a man puts caramel in the particular orifice that he is fucking or is intending to fuck, however it mostly pertains to anal sex with caramel in the receiver's asshole.
Go give your boyfriend a milky way, fag.

Oh man, she got a milky way last night? What a dirty bitch!
by N V April 12, 2008
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Milkyway...when you have your girlfriend/wife bent over and you ejaculate in or on her ass and remaining cum runs to her vagina..
I had my wife bent over lastnight and I ga c e her a milkyway..
by The Truck Driver October 20, 2016
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Cockney Ryhming slang for gay
1st man: Don't you think that guys a bit milky?

2nd man: Huh?

1st man: Milky way, gay duh
by ∂αмиgιяℓ♥ August 05, 2009
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The milky way is when one takes an exacto knife and cuts a hole into a cow's utter. The person then gets a boner and has sex with this hole while his body is slightly leaned back behind the ass of the cow. This is so the cow can shit all over the persons chest as they're having sex with the cows utter.
When you want to have sex with a cow and be covered in shit. When you see that milk flyin you know you've accomplished the milky way.
by Adam Corbey January 12, 2008
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