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A servile, self-seeking flatterer
Hey, I don't need to listen to you, milky licker!
by Rizzo March 10, 2004
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1. Slang, one who orally with men
2. Deravation of Cocksucker
3. Friendly Pejorative that denotes ones uneven style
Hey der Milky licker
Oy she could lick man milk all day
Sup milky licker
by Pogue Mahone December 10, 2003
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(1)Someone who licks a penis and likes to lick up the pre-cum. (2)Someone who licks a man until he cums.
Ahh yeah, that feels good you milky licker.
by Tyberius April 13, 2006
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Mamas boy, breast sucker. A panty waist middle aged man who relies on his.
Man, that little weasel is such a milky licker! Forget about him, let's go to the bar.
by JohhnyBeeeGood April 12, 2016
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One who engages in the act of using their tongue to lap up semenal fluid; implied homosexuality.
We caught Chase Mohr with cum all over his warty face. He's such a milky licker, in a bad way.
by Roll2Soak December 14, 2015
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