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Louisa’s 40th birthday celebrations!
They’re milking this situation aren’t they? Yeah a bit like Louisa’s 40th Birthday celebrations... now that was milking it!!
by Lovinglifelou May 28, 2018
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When you deliberately drag something out to the point of taking the piss and abusing the gratitude of others.
"Hey do you know when chapman is back at work" "the guy with the broken leg? nah man he's still milking it"
by JPlow October 08, 2014
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taking more time or advantage than you're really due because you can get away with it. Short for "milking it for all it's worth."
Sara's at home taking care of her sick boyfriend. Hasn't he had that cold for two weeks? Yeah, he's milking it.

Isn't Bill back from that job yet? Still gone, he must be milking it.

Is Johnnie still crying--she hardly hit him? Oh, he's milking it.
by Scott ATL March 13, 2013
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The act of filling a bong with such an excessive amount of smoke, so it appears to be filled with milk.
Oh shit, he's milking it again!
by iMilkedCLarence December 10, 2010
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When you have no idea of what for, or what it is, where it comes from, how it got there, or even why, however. Keeping the stupid cow decided to go milking it.
A young farm lass had been given a gift, a cow.

Tessa: "Thanks! I think, what is it?!"
Giver: "It's a cow...."
Tessa: "What should I do with it?"
Giver: "I'm not sure, I was hoping you will know?"
Tessa: "Is it a boy or girl, from the look of those....abit unusual?"
Giver: "This is why I don't want it. And think you can make sense of it."
Tessa: "Well, ok....I'll take a look at sure it's called a cow?!"
Giver: "Positive.....when I bought it, someone said, 'finally got rid of the moany old cow'.."
Tessa: "Well, would you know, something seems to be coming out of these dangly things..."
Giver: "Think you might be milking it now..."
by Long Johns October 30, 2014
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When your soo cringe that you keep dragging out a joke that should have died out long ago
Jack **sarcasm**: That was a very funny joke

James: Yeah James really likes milking it
by UP SYNDROME August 18, 2019
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