A dependent in a military family.
Very patriotic: They make sacrifices for America.
Moves at least once every three years.
Probably has lived overseas once for a tour.
Adapts well to new situations.
Either loves their military life or hates it.
The word "brat" is not derogatory, but stands for:
-How do you know how to speak "Japan-ese"?
-I'm a military brat, I lived there!

"Oh, you must be Maj. Martin's brat? Nice to meet you."
by afbratt94 March 17, 2010
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Dependent who grows up in military housing or area with parents or parent that learns the meaning of military life. Most learn that mom likes to watch T.V and eat junk food whilst dad goes on deployment forever. Both parents likes to cheat and pay little attention to the children. The dependent grows up usually with little or no respect for much in life while they run around the housing area at wee hours of the morning doing clandestine shit with other military brats dodging Shore Patrol/Military Police/Local Security.
I grew up as a military brat, look at me I turned out fine. Lets go shoot some pigeons and cats.
by Terry Jamison, August 12, 2004
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Children and teenages who have a parent/parents in the military and grow up accustomed to the military lifestyle.

Military brats:
1. Move to a new base in different State or country every three years or less and don't really have a hometown even though they claim to have one.
2. Are tolerant of other people of different backgrounds and open minded due to military brat experience
3. Feel at home on any military base
4. Know alot of military lingo such as PCS, SOFA, BN, etc. Watch AFN and miss having no commercials
5. Have had parent leave often for deployment/training either leads to a tight knit family or stressful relationship
6. Either
-really social independent or a hermit/resentful person
-hates or loves the military
-wants to travel or become a townie

Situation 1- new school:
kid: Hey I haven't seen you around you must be new. Where did you just move from?

military brat: (how to answer...) Well I just moved here from Germany because my dad is in the military.

kid: wow I don't know anyone from that State!

military brat: it's actually a country...

kid: oh yeah freaking nazi's...

military brat: ....

by bonsaisamurai March 25, 2009
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child of a soldier. grew up in a community of service. academic studies show military brats lack any kind of racism. military brats grow up all over the world and move frequently. they are accustomed to sacrifice for the greater good.
jim morrison's military brat upbringing meant he didn't conform with a typical civilian lifestyle.
by mfcohen October 10, 2007
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