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A name commonly used as an insultive nickname for actress and pop star Miley Cyrus. People, usually the anti disneist (including me) use that name when they talk about Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana. Usually the Disney Fans (see losers with no life) are against that wise surname.
Miley Virus and her pathetic, losers with no life fans are taking over the world. Protect yourself from this chaos they're causing before its too late!
by Goth_Cheerleader February 24, 2009
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Also known as M-Virus,this is even worse than AIDS. Happens when talking or having contact with Miley Cyrus. BEWARE OF THIS DISEASE. Always have a miley-repellent,an anti-miley banner,anti-miley shirt,and never,EVER talk or have contact with miley. About 316,028 people died of this disease.
Victim1: *screams* MILEY!! I LOVE YOU!!
Victim2: OMG she's so smexxy I wanna have sex with her
Miley: Hey fans!
*2 weeks later*
Victim1: Oh..Im feeling so body's turning purple and I see purplish figures in my eyes...

Victim2: Aww man...raping miley was great,but I think I'm gonna puke man...god damn but I had protection!!

Me: You just got owned,noob. You got the Miley-Virus. Next time when you are on hell,wear anti-miley equipment along with a condom.

*Both victims die of the M-Virus*
by Light Dragon February 25, 2011
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