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A person that has a lot of sex with super hot and sexy girls (mostly older). This Mikola has silent charm and can hook up with anyone that they want to with out saying many words.
Guy1- man i wish i was Mikola he gets mad pussy all day long.

Girl1- OMFG i totally want to hook up with Mikola we like never talked but he is so fucking sexy.
by sexy coed September 08, 2011
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the reflection of a very sexy person (usually of the female gender) in the mirror. this reflection often makes its human counterpart jizz their pants and/or wish thy were another human being so hey could have sex with this 'mikola'. Mikola refers to any persons reflection that is above the normal level of sexiness
daayyyuumm my mikola is sexy
by teradaktyll April 11, 2011
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Mikola is someone who cries if he/she gets a grade that isn’t a 1+. He also cries when shouted at by Mr.T
Look at that gay ass Mikola crying over there
by 420x420x420 December 18, 2018
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Mikolas is a beautiful boy but he discriminates others bc os their number of followers.He is bad and has no soul and he would hurt u,but when he gets hurted he cries and becomes a baby.There is not true love for him.He eats a ton but dont gets fat.
1:He is mikolas 100%
2:How do u know?
1:He has no soul
by korokaaa September 24, 2018
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