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a person of great intelligence. they are sweet and kind to all, and all love them for they are tollerant of all peoples, races, religions... more often than not they are a most beautiful individual. they have friends world wide who would do anything for them and they in return for their friends. they are worldly and unique in every single aspect of life. all envy and aspire to be like them. they are in a since perfect.
Everyone love Mikiah!
by 8694_uh July 26, 2012
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Some one one who is lovable goes threw a lot but always has a smile on his face makes ur day makes you laugh when your felling down and who cares about his love ones
by @80000 February 08, 2017
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Basically a panini head. The worst person you'll ever meet. If you see one run she stinks and is very dumb she always talks. The only good thing is the way she dresses. She is also very annoying.
by Luhhbilly June 13, 2018
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