Mikey Way is the best bass player eva.
He is hot.
He like unicorns.
He does not have asthma.
He is brothers with equally hot Gerard Way.
Lady Gaga: You cannot see my ppppppoker face"

Me: Pffff! Mikey Way is better than you at poker faces wench
by Dr. Death Defying May 25, 2015
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Bassist for My Chemical Romance. Does not actually have asthma (said so on Fuse. "I don't really have asthma, but I'll still sign your inhalers") No longer wears glasses thanks to Lasik surgery. Brother to Gerard Way. Engaged to Alicia Simmons.
Mikey Way, representing sweet little dudes everywhere!
by Teh Squeakster May 29, 2006
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Hahahahaha! Mikey Way looks like Milky Way....

Anyway... In the band My Chemical Romance and is the lead singer's Gerard Way bro.
by Monique April 22, 2005
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he is the sexiest little emo boy since that other little emo boy who wore pants... girly pants... anyway he is related to GERARD WAY.... yeah and he also owns you... u must love the sexiness
"I think we're metal in the sense that we have a lot of metal on our instruments...and I have quite a lot on my belt buckle as well."-Mikey
by yourmom April 23, 2005
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The bass player of My Chemical Romance - very cute! The cutest little nerd i have ever seen... Cant jump around on stage as he as asthma - and loves to play on the fact that he is a nerd with an inhaler! Brother of Gerard Way - a brother combination that is just perfect!!! Mikey learnt to play bass practically over night so that the band could be complete - ohhh - now thats cute!
"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, wheres my inhaler?!!!" - Mikey Way
by MCR Fan September 10, 2005
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Mikey Way is the bassist of My Chemical Romance. He's also the singer Gerard Way's little brother. He's married to Alicia Simmons. He is the cutest nerd ever, a hot one. He loves unicorns. He has the most beautiful smile ever, his smile lightens up a room. He has awkward knees. He is just beautiful and amazing, lovely, gorgeous, wonderful, pretty. Words can not describe him.

He is kinky in bed.
Mikey Way
by OHHAIsassy March 19, 2011
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Mikey Way, bassit of My Chemical Romance and brother of Gerard Way. He is engaged to Alicia Simmons who played bass for From First To Last and formerly dated Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. They have matching tattoos on their arms, a heart and the word forever. Contrary to popular beleif Mikey does not have asthma, he has said it himself.
'I don't cheat because I don't have any feelings.'

'Wardrobe malfunction!'

'I'll sign 'em, you bring 'em.'

All quotes of Mikey Way
by Wonder Billie June 30, 2006
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