The most homosexual character in all of fiction, he is gayer then a drag queen, you know what he is a drag queen at this point, peopel start calling him mike queeler since he is queer.
If you suck a dick on accident that makes you a mike wheeler
by Bori rhdj April 24, 2023
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A loving and caring guy.

Only allows party members into the AV room.

Is in a Netflix show stranger things
by Billy bob boux jombs August 5, 2018
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Only the best character in stranger things. He saved eleven and later she returned the favor.

Worth fangirling about.

Often shipped with eleven, thus creating mileven.

I ship myself with him, thus creating bike.

Friends with Dustin Lucas and Will
Enemies with Troy and James.

BIRTH YEAR- 1971 (12 as of 1983)

Wears ringers and stripes way too often.
Is loyal and a good friend, though overprotective and bossy at times.

Overall a good person to be around.
by - ethereality - June 28, 2017
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An asshole and I will stand by that.
season 1 Mike Wheeler was amazing, took finding Will the most seriously, great friend, but was definitely on the edge always and lost his temper at Lucas/sometimes El a lot
In season 2 he was still great, he was the best to Will hands down
Season 3 he was kinda an asshole to everyone except El, he’d leave them to go make out with her, not even talk, just make out, and when El broke up with him he ignored Will, and Dustin completely

Season 4 GOD DAMN he visits the Byers after months, and doesn’t pay any attention to will ON HIS FUCKING BIRTHDAY

Now I’m not saying I want Mike to die in s4 vol. 2, but if anyone in the main party does die…
by Florodo June 30, 2022
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The worst character in stranger things who should die and dosent deserve life
You: mike wheeler is the best character in stranger things.”
Me:you do not deserve to live, you were a mistake.”
by Bobobbbibib June 1, 2022
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Mike Wheeler is a simp. He appears in all three seasons of Stranger Things and is sadly dating Eleven. He's most likely a closeted bisexual who has internalized homophobia and a crush on Will Byers. He called El for 353 but stopped after Will's shadow monster situation got worse.
Sally: "Did you hear Iggy?"
Iggy: "What?"
Sally: "Mike Wheeler ruined Will's life."
Iggy: "Shut the f**k up Sally."
by April 14, 2020
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