2000-2002 An Automobile that is made by Audi. It is a 2.7 litre 90 degree V6 with 5 valves per cylinder. Standard with 2 "Twin" turbochargers, hence the name biturbo. 0-60 on a 6 speed transmission is under 6 seconds. The S4 is equipped with a "quattro" 4 wheel drive system. It is also easily modifiable, and has plenty of parts out on the market. BMW M3 owners.. you have been warned.
S4's are often seen on Freeways passing other automobiles at speeds above 120MPH.
by Guy March 8, 2005
Automobile produced by AudiAG. In its most recent iteration, introduced in the winter of 2003 as a 2004 model, the s4 is equipped w./ a 300+ bhp V8 engine, propelling this stealth car from 0-60 in near 5 seconds with quarter mile times estimated in the range of 13 seconds. An excellent automobile crafted with the German prowess which has come to be well associated with AudiAG. A classic in the making.
Jesus Christ - at first glance that looked like an A4, but then he fucking schooled that CLK55AMG. Wow. (I actually did this, ;) ... MB rates their models to quick ... their tranny programs are fucked up)
by Dr. Night December 16, 2003
/s4s/ is the guy who asks the cripple ahead of him in line if he needs any help with his groceries

/s4s/ is first to get to the scene to see if anyone needs help with the car accident outside.

/s4s/ is the one who wrote you a letter while you were in prison that changed your life

/s4s/ is a passing student who makes passes for his young, attractive English teacher since they are dating and having consensual sex

/s4s/ is the guy loitering on Park Ave. that is always trying to give you pamphlets for the church of bale

/s4s/ is the one who handed his car to Good Will.

/s4s/ is the best friend that tags along for your first date and pays for everything like a gentleman throughout night. The decent girl you're trying to bag loves the date, /s4s/ laughs and takes you home when you're drunk, and you wake up to your house cleaned which /s4s/ did for you.

/s4s/ is the guy who calls a suicide hotline to request volunteer time.

/s4s/ is checking his privilege next time someone he may disagree with knocks on his door.

/s4s/ is someone who would never pay a hooker for anything, because his consensual sex life is out of this world

/s4s/ is the uncle who took you to do cool things and get ice cream

/s4s/ is still recovering in the hospital, after donating his kidney to a dying child

/s4s/ is the educated, informed, tolerant friend

/s4s/ is wonderful
"/s4s/ is like /b/ in the good olden days." - Oldfag

"/s4s/ is so much more sophisticated than that shithole /b/" - Average internet user

"Hur, hur, fucking retards" - Typical /b/ basement dweller
by Keklord October 14, 2013
On Instagram you may get a comment saying s4s? Meaning Shoutout for shoutout, a shoutout is when you promote a account to your followers.

KittyBaeMeow: s4s?
Baebaeboo: Sure, you first.
by RAWRWRRR KITTY December 12, 2014
The most vibrant, influential, intelligent, descriptive, and enjoyable board on 4chan.org. Within it, people are able to post as much froge, doge, lels, keks, and topkeks as so desired, create new epic memes almost instantly, and freely earn dubs, trips, quads, quints, and other GETS. It is also owned and operated jointly by le Dubs Man and Gippo Dudee, so kindly fuck off ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

If you don't already understand the culture of /s4s/, you never will. You might as well spend the rest of your life browsing the plebeian shithole cousin of /s4s/, otherwise known as /b/. It's too late for you anyway.
"Wow, that board you're browsing is absolutely incredible! Did you just make a new meme?"

"Yes! I did!"

"Amazing! What is that mystical board called?"

"It's /s4s/, you stupid shit. Don't you fucking know anything? Get the fuck out of my house. Also, check 'em."
by le Batrick Pateman August 15, 2013
used by admins on Facebook. Share for Share. you post their name on your page, they post yours. Useful and effective way of getting "likes"
"hey man, want more likes on your page?"
"sure, how?"
"s4s, bro :)"
by Love Yourself July 19, 2012
hey 4chan is such a cesspool

nah, s4s is nice board
by Worf1337 November 15, 2021