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Generally, a person who is lost case; will always float into class and out of it. However despite the 24/7 psychedelic acid trip she maybe experiencing is the hidden entrance to the kingdom of the world’s largest dump of information and other random facts.

Has an emotion spectrum a size of a teaspoon and (un)intentionally unaware of most social dramas. A very mellow individual since she spends most of her day in the land of nod, but when angered she becomes a force to be reckoned with.

In a nutshell, a very strange character and cannot be explained by words, one must be associated with her to understand the innumerable amount of eccentricities she possess.
Don't know something, Mihiri it.

Show some emotion woman, don't be such a Mihiri.

Able to sleep with your eyes open? You're a Mihiri.

Just don't give a fuck? Such a Mihiri thing.
by WDYWH December 01, 2012
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A girl who enjoys drinking. end of story. she is an abusive alcoholic who is very dangerous with a beer in her hand. A mihiri has been known to throw glasses from her hands. If you know a Mihiri, you must be aware of her whereabouts at all times, DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYES OFF HER!

Mihiri also means someone who hands in assignments etc LATE.
Oh man im going to lose marks on this lab report, I handed it in late" other dude "Mate, you just did a Mihiri
by Crab dog May 27, 2011
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