Miel is a person who is very loving and caring. Which makes sense because “Miel” means “Honey” in Spanish. Miel is there for you no matter what. She will be your BFFNMW! Miel also likes anime and has great music taste.
Oh look! A Miel!
by GB_1426 November 7, 2020
Means honey in Spanish she is hot and thick she’s stunning and has pretty eyes and is bad bitch and a feisty woman she will stick with you fight for you and if you ever make her mad be careful because she’s not afraid to do anything to you
Miels so feisty
by Heils December 21, 2019
Miel is super hot and funny.
He gets loads of georgous girls and is smart and nice to be around.
He is a bit crazy and always goes wild on parties.
Miel is so cool.
by Milovic07 November 28, 2021
Miele in Italian means, "honey"
Miele is also a brand of vaccum cleaners based in Germany. The company was founded in 1899. Miele's motto is Immer Besser, German for "Forever Better"
Miele- the most amazing, beautiful, and gorgeous people you will ever meet!
Those Miele's are amazing!
by Sarah Miele February 4, 2009
in filipino terms. good/ great drinker.
i drink alot but im just half a miel.
by ronaldortiz09 July 5, 2007
Kitchen appliances that go so hard.

These are viagra.
'Fuck that's Miele'
by FlowerField March 6, 2022