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Acronym for: Best Friend Forever No MATTER WHAT!

6 years ago a girl and a guy would rant late at night on AIM about the silliest things. During a conversation online this guy invented the Acronym and the girl figured out the acronym creating an everlasting bond between them. And is now a common word to describe the people that included all the things a best friend include and more!

Some BFFNMW actions
1.Have 3-4hr conversations about nothing
2.Scratch their head and get the white things out.
3.Support one another through those HS years.
4.Support one another if one is in Rehab.
5.Walk from the record store all thru Mill Ave, thru Tempe town lake till it reaches the rocks and turn back and still have so much to talk about.
6.Walk through the horrible snow and catch snowflakes with your tongue together.
7.Watch online videos over the phone together.
8.Spoon & take turns being the small or big spoon.
9.Sit on the love seat couch and watch Mythbusters or How its made (because some of the fun channels were blocked but still loved it)
10.Love them NO MATTER what, you know the great person they are and want to keep them by your side forever could potentially lead to Marriage. be your Maid of Honor. or Groomsmen. BFFNMW are meant to fill your life with happiness and joy.

Exceptions that break this bond:
1.You Date & Breakup
2.They Lie about their feelings
3.They ignore you for no reason what’s so ever.
Barry: "No, Olga your not my BFF, your my BFFNMW!"
Olga:" A what? ohhh....Best friend forever no matter ?!"
Barry:" haha, YES!
Olga: HAHA I LOVE IT Thanks you'll always be my BFFNMW too!
by wishywashy March 10, 2010
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betty ann:i hate your fucking guts you stupid whore!

susie bon bon:but i thought we were bffnmw!!! :
by la la lucy July 10, 2007
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