a spinless man afraid of living alone
dude Mandy found herself a besser
by wonderbread1213 July 17, 2008
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A person who claims to love some-one but actuly fancys someone else (that i call a duck). Usely the victim is a neek and ends up emotionly dead and is left alone for the rest of the however long until they find some-else.
My last attempt to post this was rejected so I've used less names in this one
Besser: (to victim after liking for a couple of weeks): hey (name here) do you wana go out do that disco
Victim: (bright red): um... Sure why not

2 weeks later

Besser: ITS OVER! come on (ducks name here). Lets go to that disco you saw

victim (pissed off at every-one): WHAT THE F*** that was the only person i ever liked my life is RUINED
by BobHazUzi November 4, 2010
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The gayest of gay no way to be gayer (some times with gimp leg)
Look at Besserer he is so gay AHHHHHHHHHHH!
by Cooper May 15, 2004
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An ugly abomination that shouts a lot and it uses to be as noisy as a morocco in playafels.
by paluluus4 September 25, 2018
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