Michael Langdon is the antichrist but as it’s known he’s just so fuckable you can even
“Omg Michael Langdon can like get it he’s so hot
by Avesatans December 8, 2018
Character in 8th season of American Horror Story (played by Cody Fern), son of Satan, the Antichrist that has the biggest BDE in the whole fucking universe.
Michael Langdon is so hot I'm gonna join the church of Satan.
by Ms Gallant December 13, 2019
An character from American horror story apocalypse who is extremely evil and hot at the same time. He is the child of tate langdon and vivien harmon so he is the antichrist
I wanna spread my legs for Michael langdon and be like hail saitan
by Surprisebitch November 4, 2018