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Micayla is a loud person at times but is super nice. You can already tell how weird and unique she is by her name. Although at times she’s mean she always try’s to make you feel better. She’s my best friend and if you have Micayla as a best friend hold onto her tight she is the best thing in life.
Guy: have you seen Micayla
Other guy: ya she’s super sassy but gorgeous
by Person369 November 19, 2018
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Micayla is a kind and loving person, she never wants to put you down. she always has a lot on her mind but that doesn't stop her from doing what she loves. she is a sporty person, and when you get to know her she has good fashion sense.
If you have a friend like Micayla, you are the luckiest person to have ever met her!
by geegeebambam August 20, 2018
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Mad hot blonde girls whos ass is the perfect size. Her curves ae in all the right places. Shes got all the guys she could ever want and every guy that sees her wants her like mad. Shes got a great personality but an even better body.
You see micayla last night? She looked hotter than ever.
by miclovin December 30, 2009
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1-a young girl about 5'4 with a nice smile and all the boys wanna jump on her ass and bump her rump. <3

2-a term used when referring to a super hot babe.
1-ex: Person one: did you see that girl? She's a total MiCayla!

2-ex: hey, you see that MiCayla over there ? Yea, I'd flog my log to that grade A fine ass pieCe of meat. Werd, bra.
by ZebraQueen-n_n August 27, 2008
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A micayla is a fiery, loud, out there girl. She has a hot body and beautiful hair. She can be insecure, and modest even though she has many talents. She normally smells really good. She may have tons of emotional stress, but she doesn't often let it show. She falls in love too fast, which is fine because all of the boys and girls want her.

A Micayla is a Kayla's best friend, a Reese's little Angel, a Raven's enemy, and everyone's Sister.
Damn that girl is a real Micayla.
by hipster_dashie January 14, 2016
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