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An amazing writing site for young writers. Contains forums, journals, stories, poems, articles, reviews, chat, et cetera. It has the feel of a small community, so pretty much everyone knows or has seen everyone.

Includes: Nice people, helpful moderators, and admins that keep everything in check.
The mods and admins on Mibba are incredibly helpful.
by Danny Ri March 14, 2008
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The best writing site in the world. Contains stories, poems, journals, news articles, reviews, forums, etc. It is mostly composed of My Chemical Romance and Green Day fans, but has other fandoms of similar bands as well.
Mibba is definitely THE site to hang out on.
by Icy Blues December 22, 2007
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1 A writing site that used to be good with helpful moderators, other writers, and admins.
2 Now currently over run by JoBro, Twilight, and other trend band fanfictions.
3 Very hard to find a good story now on that site.
Sam: damn, I've been using mibba for a while, and now I don't even recognize it!
Torii: Duhh. but it's a place to write...
by torray January 22, 2009
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A website that once was a friendly place to go. Now the equivalent to a communist country, Dujo is the main dictator. Although he does have an equally evil minion, Kurtni, also known as "Cuntni". They think that they can run the world through their computer screens. The site is supposed to be a "creative writing" site but is now overrun by shitty fanfiction. Even though there is good fanfiction, it is very hard to come by, as it is like finding a needle in a haystack. Also, the original fiction is almost completely ignored. If you write OF, you're better off at a different site.
user 1: I used to go on Mibba all the time.

user 2: Yeah, when Dujo wasn't a fucking dick.

user 1: And when Cuntni wasn't always on her period.

user 2: Or not around at all. Lol.

user 1: And when there were talented writers, and not shitty n00b MCR/GD/JoBro/Twilight fanfic "writers".

user 2: Yeah, dude. Fuck Mibba!
by fuckmibba November 09, 2009
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What used to be an amazing site for young authors. However, it is currently overflowing with crappy, wanna-be emo kids, bad love poetry and online dating. Mibba was a much better site before a block was put on swear words, and thirteen year olds joined. It's now a site completely dominated by a chat room and unsightly grammar.
Robert: I miss the old days of Mibba.
Sunny: Yeah, me too.
Robert: Have you read the poetry lately?
Sunny: Yes. It sucks quite badly.
by Sunny-HelloI'mNaked May 27, 2011
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The person who wakes up last in the morning.
Chas woke up at 9:45 this morning, and he was mibba for the rest of the day.
by Gaz... January 15, 2007
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