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To take something that is simple, and complicate it beyond the point of no return, while constantly contradicting your thoughts. When someone pulls a mezl, he will most likely try to argue his point without any ground facts or any logic.
A mezler would say to his students in a biochemistry class:

"The two key things in the history of europe that you must always remember in biochemistry are these: Napoleon was a tyrant and the metric system is the greatest system to be ever invented."

"I don't know how to divide by 18, but I do know how to divide by 20. So let's just pretend the molar mass of glucose is 200 g/mol rather than 180 g/mol. It won't make any difference."

"What is the answer to any question in biochemistry? Enzymes!"
by Alardor February 05, 2010
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To approximate or simplify to the point of extreme absurdity, with the aim of answering a completely irrelevant question. Often the effect is to further complicate the question, rather than simplify it.

Problems such as the number of glucose subunits needed to reach the moon, or questions requiring that the length of a day be rounded to 25 hours, can be solved if one simply "Mezls it."
Matt lost marks for answering a midterm problem stating that there are 24 hours in a day. The correct approach was to Mezl it and calculate the answer using 25 hours.
by ZeroK March 29, 2011
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