The act of jizzing under a girls nose and then ripping off your own pubic hair and placing it on top of the jizz so it will stick.
Hey Kathy, make me a sandwich or I will give you a mexican mustache.
by kylesrgnt June 27, 2010
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Mexico is country in which wearing a mustache is a popular choice of facial hairstyle. The mustache is wore typically having hair only on the upper lip. This can very on thickness and length.
He has a nice Mexican Mustache, especially when he keeps it trimmed.
by JJGotti December 10, 2022
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a very thin, pathetic excuse for a mustache mostly seen on early teenage boys who think it makes them look like men and on mexican labourer's.
teen 1: hey i think you have some dirt on your upper lip.
teen 2: oh no, thats my mustache.
teen 1: .....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, but seriously nice mexican mustache.
by j8ud98e560sd98ry September 5, 2006
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: is a very thin-sparce mustache with only a few long hairs on the corners of the mouth. (aka usually only grown by Mexicans)
The criminology definition to identify q person with sparce facial hair is described as having a mexican catfish mustache.
by Mexican Catfish June 24, 2010
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