To ejaculate in a woman's hair and then throw her down a flight of stairs.
"That chick took the Mexican Avalanche like a pro-skier." or "I Mexican Avalanched her twice and she still came back for more."
by Big Deezy February 21, 2003
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This takes place when you are enjoying felatio from your lover on the 2nd story or higher in a building. You pull out at money time, and fire a frozen rope of dick snot into her face, temporarily blinding her. At this time, your partner would be further incapacitated, so you could utilize this opportunity to smash a taco in her face, either hard or soft shell. (soft shell is suggested for long term relationships, hard shell for one-nighters). At that time, you inform her you'll walk her to the bathroom to clean up, at which point you throw her down the stairs and yell "Avalanche Amigos!!!"
Beatrice was being a bit of a pain in the butt yesterday, so after we came home from the bar and taco bell, I gave her a Mexican Avalanche. She should be back at work by next Thursday.
by Bunk-Bed Woody September 18, 2009
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The action of cumming in your girlfriends hair and firing her down the steps.
Jenna made me so mad last night we watched a porno then I gave her a Mexican avalanche.
by Masterchef1 February 27, 2009
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cum on a bitches face.... then shove her down a flight of stairs.
Drew: I just gave L.Dub a mexican avalanche.
Jay: I hope she has insurance.
by half insane April 24, 2009
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to have sex with a pregnant woman, & then throw her down the stairs.
you took that mexican avalanche like a champ. bye-bye, baby.
by 123456homo. February 8, 2009
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1)After you bust a nut in a girls hair, you roll her up a set of stairs.
2)When you blow your load in a bitches face so hard that it launches her backwards up a flight of stairs.
she didn't want to break her leg doing a mexican avalanche, so i tricked her, brought her downstairs then did a reverse mexican avalanche.
by andyfellovernet May 14, 2003
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When you come in a chick’s pussy, eat her out and get your jizz all over your mustache, and then make her lick it off.
by Schneefchief November 17, 2019
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