Metrosexual A is a more apparent form of metrosexuality. Metrosexual A men are physically "metro." This includes but is not limited to: hair dying, matching/nice clothes, clean nails, and tanning.

The counterpart of Metrosexual A is Metrosexual B.
Guy #1: Is that guy gay?
Guy #2: Who? That guy with the frosted faux-hawk?
Guy #1: Yeah.
Guy #2: Nah. He's just metrosexual A.
by Alex Harm October 9, 2007
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A male who looks like he's gay, but bangs chicks, not dicks.
by orangelc October 15, 2010
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Dude A: yo fam, im such a metrosexual, i would fuck a train
by BeamoFan February 27, 2018
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A man that cares about his self image and is most likely into more feminine ideas than the average dude. He'll more than likely make a better lady friend than most other men.
1. He's into man sculpting, and shaving everything but maybe his legs.
2. He goes to a salon instead of a barber.
3. He probably drives a coupe, or a sport hatch, never a truck.
4. He takes time to manicure himself and puts on cologne everyday.
5. He has style and may wear button-up shirts on off-work days, and likes Euro brand clothing thats tight fitting. He's also into wearing male jewelry.
6. His music taste may be classy or hip.
7. He's mainly a light drinker and will drink wine over beer.
8. He's more than likely into multiple arts.
9. He probably doesn't care for Sports, unless it's Volleyball or Tennis.
10. He's most likely into recreational activities.
Man that guy won't hang with us to grab a beer and talk sports. I wonder if he's..., nah man he's just Metrosexual.
by Shapeshifter89 April 22, 2017
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When a blind person thinks you're straight, and a deaf person thinks you're gay.
My grandma told me I look gay, but my sister told her I'm just metrosexual.
by a humble sage January 7, 2010
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A straight man that WAIT FOR IT.........can shop for himself and is concerned about how he looks.
Redneck dude: what are you, a fuckin queer?

Metrosexual guy: Just because I look better than you doesn't mean you have to be an ass.

Redneck dude: *glares and walks away*

Actual gay guy: mmmm well aren't we manly standing up for ourselves. *tries to make a move*

Metro guy: sorry dude I'm not gay.

Gay guy: wow you had me fooled!

Metro guy: that is an amazing jacket!
by thunder156 April 9, 2009
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Guy 1: Damn, that bullet train is sexy!
Guy 2: Gross, you're a metrosexual!
Guy 1: I can't help it! I was born this way!
Guy 2: Shut up, everyone knows metrosexuality is a choice.
by Escobar Crews May 30, 2015
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