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This particular sup-species was first discovered in the Lake County California area.
It is common belief amongst experts that the first of its species started life as a standard American Black Bear. To the demise of the standard American Black Bear and other cohabitating wild life, this particular area of the country is unfortunately well known of its excessive production of Methamphetamine (Meth). As common to most manmade pharmaceuticals and body altering chemicals, excessive amounts of contaminated wastes are generated. Due to the often illegal nature of the for-mentioned substance the waste products are often dumped in with standard household refuge or dumped in to remote campground type areas in an attempt to cover the tracks of the manufactures. As common to the American Black Bear in populated areas they often substituted a large portion of their diets by consuming remote residential and campground refuge.
After repeated foraging and ingestion of contaminated refuge, the bears quickly become highly addicted to the ingested chemical substance.

Meth Bears look somewhat similar to the standard American Black Bear however as common to symptoms of Meth addiction Meth Bears will look very scrawny in size and might appear emaciated. Meth Bears are also easily identified from the excessive lack of teeth. One will often note highly erratic behavior. Meth Bears can often be found in surrounding Lake County areas and campgrounds stealing anything of remote value or attempting to barter with the local population for a fix.

Their behavior is highly erratic and unpredictable. Do not make any deals with the Meth Bears. However if you happen to be corned or attacked by one you might attempt to offer something along the lines of a candy bar to substitute their temporary need. If attacked, one can be expected to receive severe gumming.
Beware of the Meth Bear!
by MethBear123 July 28, 2008
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