A state of mind/state of being, which within the reality of the individual(s) posessing the 'complex' (sub)consciously feel that they bear the weight of the world and that their actions and words embolden others and may be a significant catalyst of changing the course of the world for the better. While that may or may not at times be true, the individual(s) consistently envision (quasi) prophetic projections of the future which de-synchronize them from what many call 'living in the present' which often in turn leaves them with a constant darkness about them, making it immensely difficult to be content with the world and it's happenings, great or ill. As such, they feel cornered and feel as if there is no option but to take on that role of the 'savior'. Because after all, who else will?

There is however a time and a place for such mentalities, and regrettably, many consider them to either be preachy, delusional, insane, pretentious, or the may align them with any manner of negative perceptions. In some cases the negative perceptions can be warranted, but the world needs more people who believe they can change it for the better.

It would seem that a significant portion of people, at some point either fantasize about or take part in being/trying to be(come) a messiah of sorts, however such thoughts can be very constraining and the 'messiah' will often have the mentality to enact states or efforts of self-sacrifice in hopes that it makes a positive difference.
It seems that 'Ariana' has a messiah complex. She is constantly mentioning of the ills and problems of the world and attempting to inspire others to relate to her cause of helping others save others and attempting to influence others to do the same. She believes the she bears the weight of the world on her shoulders, and believe me, it takes it's toll on her. How could it not? She would be happier if she stopped considering the world at large, for she cannot do it alone. Contentment will first come from solving the miniscule issues. She is right to speak against injustice though.
by Feronox November 12, 2013
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In slang, a person who seems to think they are better than everyone else, or that they are God's gift to Earth. Basically a term for people who are up themselves.

It comes from real self-image where an individual believes himself to be the saviour of a group, time period, or in an extreme case, the world. Adolf Hitler suffered a Messiah complex.
Dear God, you have such a Messiah Complex, John.
by xbringmoreknives. July 28, 2008
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