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Being afflicted with the AIDS virus, otherwise known as "Arse-Injected-Death-Syndrome". Named in tribute to Freddy Mercury (Aka - Farrouk Bulsara) who died from the disease still rocking the mic to the very end.
"Mrs. thompson, I'm afraid after young Jimmy was kidnapped and found 3 days later in the woods, we ran some routine tests on him. And it seems he has acute Mercury Poisoning... Oh stop fucking crying, can't you see I'm Hungover?"

"Hey Tom, man you look great! You lost a ton of weight. How did you do it?" "Well Sam, I shared a needle in a squat a few weeks back and now I got Mercury Poisoning. I won't lie, it kinda rocks!"
by Poppa Boogaloo August 19, 2011
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The correct name for the disease casually known as "AIDS".
Thanks to Freddie Mercury, AIDS will forever be known as Mercury poisoning.
by SeattleJQueen April 02, 2009
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