When you take a shit and the poo rubs up against your prostate. This causes an erection known as "THE BROWN MENACE"!
"Every time I take a shit I get PTSD I'm going to get the brown menace."
by Master Ray April 13, 2021
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The poop that is mysteriously placed on a kitchen floor by an unknown culprit, usually overnight.
Hey guys, wake up. Somebody took another Weird Menace in here; I call not cleaning it up this time.
by The Turd Theif July 15, 2008
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One who can not be contained and will willingly erupt havoc on society
You know Mauro? That boy a menace to society! He took a damn nUTSAack helmet from whatabeezy! -Oscar
by aidan0029 May 28, 2021
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When a woman is emotional and bitchy like she is constantly on her period.
That girl is a bitch 24/7 she is a red menace
by bighairygeorge April 06, 2010
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the only day of the week where you can be a menace to anyone without permission or reason.
p1: *punches p2 in the shoulder*
p2: bro what the hell is wrong with you?
p1: its menace monday!
p2: oh fuck i forgot
by Switch Boi November 29, 2021
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