Used jokingly it means weird, crazy, brat, or stubborn
Me: Don't you dare send that meme-
Friend: Sends it
by CrossRox May 22, 2021
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when lads put u on the spot, saying stuff that wigs u out, happens to the weak people.
‘we were menacing the shit out of nick today, he was just sitting there being a faggot so we started wigging him out’
by Australian69 May 31, 2018
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someone who believes in rocks and horoscopes
That blue haired bitch is a menace she be playing with rocks and shit
by gernig123 May 11, 2021
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A Canadian dog known for biting ankles and eating leftover meats.
Dennis is such a menace. I caught him drunk biting Katrina's grandmothers ankles.
by WalterSixNine August 14, 2018
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