How you feel when you get too crossfaded, to the point where all you want to do is sleep, have sex, or eat.
Dude, I got so blowed up last night, that I ended up eating 3 granola bars and passing out at six...
by tegarrison September 13, 2018
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1) Very busy, usually because to-dos weren't consolidated properly. (Used chiefly at a restaurant)
2) It can also refer to the crazy things a specific table wants you to do for them.
3) Sometimes, it can refer to other restaurant problems, like someone going crazy or something being broken.
1) "No. I'm blowed up. I have four tables now and was just double-sat. I have ten drinks to get out and two orders to put in."
2) "My table is blowed up. I just got them extra ketchup and mayo, the old guy is sending his steak back, and I have to get three refills."
3) "Don't bother Jen, she's blowed up right now."

by funshine912 February 04, 2009
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To become famous, successful, and respected usually within a small amount of time.
Tarentino worked in a video rental joint before he made Resevoir Dogs and blew up.


"These overnight stars becoming autograph signers.
We'll all long to blow up and leave the past behind us."

from Rock Bottom by Eminem
by Scog October 27, 2003
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1.) when you receice numerous phone calls in a short period of time.
2.) anytime someone is calling your cell phone.
1.) Man, your blowin' up tonight.
2.) Hold on a sec, I'm blowin' up.
by juice November 12, 2003
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person with a cell phone that is constantly ringing nonstop.
DAMN! im blowin up again, this shit just wont stop.
by TwitChy November 13, 2003
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to fire up over nothing or everything
going nuts
yelling loudly and getting shitty
to make an already tense situation much worse
to get your best shirt wrecked and flip out
Brown Town
"You Wrecked my best shirt"
"Blow Up Then"

"Why did you do that?"
"Blow Up Then"

"Janilla keeps pulling the ladies"
"Blow Up Then"
by Martyy July 18, 2006
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