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A gaming clan filled with people who don't know how to spell psycho properly.

Found roaming the casual scene of Rainbow 6 siege on smurf accounts. With the sole desire to ruin the day of the other children who just want to enjoy the game. When a casual player does not perform the the standards of the phycho clan they are often harassed and ridiculed until they stop playing. They do have one weakness, however.

Exposing any one individual of the group will result in the clan mates turning on each other to preserve the clan. Nothing is more important than the clan. Nothing! Phycho clan is the most important thing in their lives. More important than girls, more than their families, and in particular, more important than their own mental health. As when one member of the group is exposed for using unsavoury tactics their mental health becomes unstable and they resort to drastic measures.

Overall a decent clan 8/10
Gamer 1: boy that phycho clan really likes to cheat
Gamer 2: I must concur, dear sire
by aslav_11 <3 June 28, 2018
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How morons spell psycho.
uwu im such a Phycho patj I’malso 11 xD
by Øffensive March 09, 2019
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