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The constant flow of internet phenomena across the public consciousness of the wired. The information of the memestream is widely known by members of most internet subcultures, yet remains peripheral to the mainstream.
Although LOLcats seem to be everywhere in the memestream, it is unlikely that you will hear the meteorologist on your local news say he's "in ur dopplr, predictin' ur stormfronts."
by raedances August 18, 2008
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When you describe a meme that at the time seems popular or trending.
The crusades meme is really memestream right now, it is becoming less and less edgy by the day.
by Memer69 October 10, 2016
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A meme that has become mainstream, in which the general public has gotten a hold of the meme
Harambe was a respectable meme for a time, until it become memestream and everyone started to say RIP.
by bigdaddydoubled June 05, 2017
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a word that can be used when addressing a stale meme. a meme that you have already seen and is overused or generic. also know as β€œsafe memes”
β€œOh my god have you seen this video of the kid singing in Wal...”

β€œI’ve seen that so many times I can sing along with him. So memestream...”
by cassiroll June 03, 2018
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