This magical thing was created by god himself he called this his greatest creation years later Memes was overpowered god had to set it off to EARTH ever since that day ali-a was getting bullied, ninja started swearing, fortnite became Virginight, anime became porn hub, and so ever since... the world became scared of this creation so they had to... evacuate from earth to Uranus...
person 1: ur mum got in my bedroom last night

person 2: no u

person 1: dies of ligma..

that's how memes work
by Ali-a kissed me in my bed January 16, 2019
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Used to give a bit of pseudo-academic gravitas to stupid viral shit.

A 'meme' doesn't have to be funny, provocative or even make sense. Most memes fall into one of three categories:

- 'Quirky' stuff that isn't funny.
- Pathetic stuff that fills you with vicarious despair.
- Revolting pictures that could be presented to some alien jury as evidence that humanity is cancer.

All that is required for a meme to succeed is for a critical mass of basement dwellers to get in on it. This being done, it will be spread over bulletin boards everywhere like the pox. Much drama and the locking of thousands of discussions across the web will follow, for what is known to the trolling elite as 'lulz'.

This word defies easy definition. It lost touch with 'funny' long ago, and now looks suspiciously like the sort of drama-whoring same 'elite' correctly pans.

The meme having taken hold, they and similar circle-jerking gobfags proceed with a relentless propaganda onslaught on its behalf, which culminates in several hundred fucktarded spinoffs and maybe - if it's clean - a spot on the news.

At this point, the sneering pricks who first publicised the 'meme' declare it to be 'old' and begin to snipe at anyone still found to be using it.

Said pricks then go back onto 4chan to find 'new memes'. Maybe a cute animal saying something incongruous. Maybe four old men eating each other's shit. Maybe someone failing on Youtube. Rinse and repeat, FOR TEH LULZ you pitiful fur in the arteries of mankind.
Nobody will guess we're stupid, talentless and generally loathsome if we call it a meme.


- Hey, I notice you've posted 500 of that Vietnamese amputee shitting blood into the mouth of a circus acrobat in the last 8 hours. When you get called out on it, you try to appear like you're too cool to care. Yet you nurture this picture like the son you will never have. What does this say about you?

- STFU faggot imgmungfeast/img
by Lord Grimcock June 23, 2009
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It's something absolutely hilarious! Oh come, you haven't heard of it?
Duuuuuuuuuuude, this new meme is epic!
via giphy
by MakerOfMemes May 04, 2017
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