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Someone who studies the science, art, and/or history of memes.
Joe: I wanna be a farmer when I grow up!
Robert: Cool! I wanna be a memeologist
by Msushi September 18, 2016
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One who shows a high level of proficiency in the art of creating high quality memes.
That fellow is a skilled meme-ologist, his "The steaks have never been higher" meme is by far my favorite.
by ALTM4N September 04, 2013
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The science of memes. A person with large amounts of knowledge on memes and whom shows exemplary effort to study memes and how trends/events/people affect the memes we view everyday. The knowledge required to be a MemeOlogist is to understand how memes work and how important they are.
I think im becoming a MemeOlogist with all this knowledge on memes.
by MemeOlogist September 15, 2016
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