A meme that has become irrelevant or unfunny, often due to age or overly cringeworthy use.

A Dead Meme does not have to be old; many people still continue to make Shrek jokes despite the many years since original thread.

Often times a Dead Meme can be revived, if only self-referential, or satirical. If not, it can be considered quite annoying for a Dead Meme to be used.
Person 1: Hey, remember that turning around dramatic chipmunk thing?

Person 2: Yeah, it's such a dead meme.

Person 1: I heard it got on the front page of imgur the other day.


Person 1: Ain't nobody got time fo--

Person 2: No, stop.

Person 2: That meme is dead as fuck.
by Dead Horse Jockey March 27, 2017
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A Meme that has been overused to the point where it is no longer used or is used by out of touch normies and/or millennials.

Examples are "deez nuts," "21," "Damn Daniel," "what are those," and "Doge," to name a few.
Person 1: DEEZ NUTS LOL 21 21 XD

Person 2: Stop using dead memes you sad uncultured man.
by Lord of the Idiots August 2, 2018
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A dead meme is a meme that is dead and can not be used anymore.
That’s a dead meme dude!
by Ms.Itali April 5, 2019
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Dead Memes, unlike Dank Memes or even Normie Memes, are memes known to have been not used for many years by mainstream Dank Meme Culture. Often killed by Normies, these memes are at the bottom of the barrel. Think of it this way - Dank Meme ---> Mainstream Meme ---> Normie Meme ---> Dead Meme. Examples include trollface, Stuff Things Stuff, Clean All The Things, and Rage Comics.
Memer - Bro, check out this Dank Meme.
Normie - Nah dude, that meme sucks ass. Check out this meme.
Memer - What the fuck is that dead meme? You normie piece of shit.
by iBuyMountainDew March 11, 2018
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A meme that has been overused and gets too popular to the point we’re the meme dies.
Random Person: Yo, do u know da wae?
Random Person 2: Bro, that’s such a dead meme.
Example 2:

Boy: I’m already tracer

Girl: Nobody cares about the “I’m already tracer” thing anymore, that meme is dead.
by XxQueenMayaxX February 15, 2019
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A meme that has run it's course.

Usually a meme is considered "dead" when the majority of people don't find it comedic anymore.
Steven: Do u no dae wae?
Michael: Stop, it's a dead meme Steven.
by yeahokayfine February 5, 2018
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A dead meme is a meme that was discovered by normies and thus gets overused to the point it loses its original charm and becomes a husk of its former self.

Not all normie memes are dead memes. Some memes were always normie, like minion memes.

Using a dead meme is very disrespectful to the meme's spirit, so it is recommended to not use dead memes.
Shrek will never become a dead meme, hopefully.
by The intellectual 69 February 22, 2020
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