A person who is tall, medium brown skin toned. Not too dark nor light. As well as having a reddish tent to his skin. Basically a red bone. Gorgeous smile and pearly white teeth. A person who is always happy and is the one who always has the jokes. He can make anyone laugh no matter what their mood is. Someone who is named "Melvyn" loves sports especially football or basketball. He will always be committed to his sport(s), God, and the team and will always be there for support . Just like he would be in a relationship . In his relationships he will always care,protect, listen, understand, and love his girl whole heartedly. He will make her laugh until happy tears come out of her eyes. She that is his girl, will never get mad at him no matter what. She will always see the good in him that out weighs the bad . Though sometimes he may joke around or play too much to the point where she's annoyed, she will never be annoyed for a length amount of time. Its all because of that smile and gorgeous brownish red eyes, because of those soft words he speak, she could never forget about him. He puts his all in relationships when he really loves someone and will never let anyone or thing stand in his way. Those who had ever laid eyes upon him will always remember him. Even if its a blur he'll still be there in their minds and they would make efforts everyday to do something like him that will trigger their minds back to the first day they saw Melvyn .
"Dang what's his name!??" "OMG girl i wish i had a Melvyn!" "I want a Melvyn eyes" "Melvyn stands out from the rest of the team!" "Ugh i hate her! She has a Melvyn and i don't!"
by AAAnonymousss November 03, 2013
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Smart but badly named individual. Forgiven as not his choice.
Known to be selfless and kind but very slightly vulnerable.
Never uses the full "Melvyn" as too much of a Sunday name - always refers to himself as Mel or Melv. Never a Melvin!
Potently sexy but easily understated.
A Melvyn cannot understand why the new generation thinks that it has not been done before, when he knows it patently has been and was better the 1st time around.
by Mel-v-yn September 07, 2012
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A guy who has a long penis.He can sing and is cute.He can take a girl in a minute,he also is smart,funny,sexy,cute,a badass,and he helps his friends alot
He is so cute he is such a melvyn
by Lailani February 10, 2017
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A metrosexual male who is drawn/attracted to women who are already committed to other men.
He is such a Melvyn.
by Sudo October 08, 2004
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Eats a lot of biscuits
Very good at Blondie imitations
Yellow hair
'Look at that Melvyn guy shaking his yellow hair and imitating Blondie. I think it's straightened'
'Pah, metrosexual'
'Look, now he is rubbing his nipples in front of the Liverpool game'
'He sure likes biscuits'
by Slutty Chewbacca April 16, 2009
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Amazing boyfriend, amazing in bed. Very slow but makes up for it in looks. Fun to smoke weed with. Fun to go out with. Fun to see a movie with. Fun to do anything with. But they tend to piss you off very easily.
by Shirli May 20, 2019
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