Unique, outgoing but can be shy at first, sweet, beautiful, loving, sexy, caring, spiritual, goal oriented, highly intelligent, witty well-rounded and artistic.
That woman is so Melissa when we are alone in her bed.

When you are unsure of an intellecutal matter, just ask a Melissa for the answer.
by mistermisty January 20, 2011
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The love of your life. A Beautiful gorgeous person, fights alot, but playfuly. Always says they love you more than you do them. Fun and enjoyable to be with.
"Damn, Melissa's my Melissa..."
by Gabe8867 November 29, 2009
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A beautiful girl with a kind face reminiscent of peaches. A smart female with a horrible tastes in colors, but a wonderful taste in music. Has a small tendency to get confused and go on a killing rampage. Will always be loved more than can love, because it's a fact. Very interesting and easy to talk to. Has a nice ass.
Melissa is my peaches and I shall call her Peaches and she shall be my Peaches.
by Roild December 22, 2011
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Melissa is the most amazing girl anyone could ever meet. She is so beautiful and anyone who knows her is the LUCKIEST person in the history of lucky people. Melissa is extremely beautiful and could get any guy she wants. she has amazing eyes that can be glared into for hours on end. Melissa is the best friend ANYONE could EVER have. she has such sexy hair. For Melissa's friends, they are so so so grateful to have her and will respect and treasure her for ever and ever. For Melissa's boyfriend, he is the luckiest guy on earth. Melissa's life isn't always perfect, but she always keeps her head held high.
sometimes, she doubts herself, but her friends will always help her up again.

Melissa, you are a truely amazing person (: <3
Melissa: my life is so un-perfect, I'm so stupid :/
Amazing friend: No your not, you'r beautifull and so amazing and everything you do, is soooo perfect, the way you walk, you talk, the way you do your hair. your soooo perfect (:
Facebook chat
Guy: Holy crap Melissa is so beautiful
Girl: I know huh, do you like her?

Guy: of course, what kind of guy in their right mind wouldnt?
Girl: (names some random)
Guy: well he's a total idiot....
Girl: i know :)
by Haireee July 14, 2011
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Melissa is a girl that is powerful, she is a natural born leader. She is a lovely person to be around. Melissa gives the best hugs to cheer you up even though you don't think you need it. A melissa is a beautiful girl that makes people stop and stare. She has a wonderful smile that could light up a room, everyone wants to be a Melissa or be with a Melissa. She is talented, she is a big star that will always shine. Melissa is helpful and has a heart that always wants to give. A Melissa is a really good person that will keep on giving and giving until there's nothing more to give. Melissa is a down to earth lovely girl that will do anything to make her dreams come true
My friend Melissa is beautiful but every one wants to date her.
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by Pink💜🐳🦄 April 01, 2017
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Someone who leaves your heart paralyzed. And it's not because of how fly she is on the outside but it's because of what she's working wit on the inside. Your heart will drive you insane anytime you look into her eyes. You'll enjoy it though and hope that one day you can feel that again.
I'm no good at expressing what I feel but I know I'm in love with her because she's a melissa.

No wonder your trippin you fell in love with a Melissa.

Te amo Princesa.
by Don'tUseYourRealNameNancy :) August 28, 2010
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