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Very unique this girl. You will probably never meet someone with her name but if you do you are one lucky fellow. Don’t let her slip out your grasps you will never find another like her. Very gorgeous and has superb style. She will always make you laugh when you’re down and will constantly remind you how much she loves and cares about you. You will never see her not smiling even in her worst moments. Did I mention she will make you laugh ?
I wish I could meet a Melene.
by bastelannnnn May 23, 2018
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Noun. A girl who is not of Asian origin but is often mistaken for being so. Often neurotic but with good intentions. (note, this can lead to obsession with one person or subject for a short period of time)

Verb. When someone behaves in a way detailed above.
"She isn't Chinese but she looks like she is, what a Melene!"

"You're so obsessed with Summer Heights High, you're being a total Melene!"
by IheartJOSH February 07, 2010
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