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A great friend and girlfriend.she is amazing at any and everything. Wont stop till she succeed and will press even when down. I wont get on her baddie EVER because she will tell you bout your self. She loves to read and be active in life.She goes for the top of the top.She also has a mind of her own and when its maid up it maid up. She will keep a secret for ever she also will forgive but wont forget
Meleah is a great friend to me
by Bailee14 March 10, 2018
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The hottest chick to ever walk the planet. She is so awesome and friendly. If you ever meet a meleah don't ignore her. You will regret it.
by owkdfpaek December 13, 2011
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Meleah is generally the name of a basic girl. She may look amazing and seem kind, but her basic-ness stops all room for leveling up, leaving her forever basic otherwise known as infinibasic.
by Coonjeezy September 08, 2014
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Meleah is a rude backstabbing girl. Yes she may be pretty on the outside but really she is rude. She is popular but a lot of people don’t like her, She only tried to split you and your friends up, And if she doesn’t like you don’t expect to be talked to. Only some guys like her but only for her outside beauty, of course only her 10 pounds of makeup
Hey did you see Meleah?

DUDE don’t talk to her she is a BITCHH and is fake af
by SisAF March 04, 2019
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