You see that girl over there?

Yes she's sooo Meili.

I know right?
by mattbruh September 15, 2014
the epitome of perfection and everything that is beautiful and perf and amazing
"wow that chick is so sexy and talented and perfect"

"that must be meili"
by irisflower May 6, 2013
Looks like an angel but actually a devil. You could always count on her, despite her introversion : she would never let you down. If you ever meet a Meily, please don't put pressure on them. Might also have memory problems (hahaha) /j /j
She's 1 of those friends You definetly don't wanna loose. (Tea <3)
Yo, who's that?
Oh, that's my friend Meily!
by quackitea May 25, 2021
the hottest girl in the world. like literally so hot.
Who is she
Thats meily bro isn’t she hot
by cantharmyoulol March 5, 2021
most perfect girl in the world who is gonna marry a sergio and live happy forever
Man what i would do to have a Meilis
by CrankyRebel2 October 25, 2017