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You can call her a true emancipated lady who has a mysterious aura around her; She is usually an avid reader, who is unmistakeably a Paulo Coelho addict; During summers, you will find her impatiently awaiting the dawn of winter to put more and more gear to camouflage herself; On a rainy evening, you will find her intently watching the raindrops drip, whilst sipping some hot coffee and biting a crunchy samosa; She loves to indulge in all pleasures of life and is seen happiest when she is alone with her lovers - the trees, the fog, the rain, the sea, the mount, the sky and the stream..
I am smitten by Mehwash..
Slowly but distinctly, my Zahir transformed into its human form; a Mehwash..
by AK123456 February 09, 2010
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Born to pen; Born to write; Epitome of creative talent; Quintessential visionary; Seduction personified; Poetic wonder

I crave for a girlfriend like Mehwash
She got a Mehwashish vocabulary
by AK12345678 February 06, 2010
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"As pretty as the Moon", "piece of moon", or "like a moon"
When you blush, you look as cute as Mehwash..
I get floored everytime I meet Mehwashish girls..
She is so Mehwash when she smiles..
I asked for a Mehwash and I got your wicked smile..
by AK12345678 February 04, 2010
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