When someone can coordinate moving their hips, knees, and ass; While moving up and down with rhythm. Like Megan the Stallion does while dancing on stage. To be good at this one has to have strength in their legs. Also many hours of dancing in the mirror. A useful way for women to embrace their sexuality.
Look at her go she has Megan Knees!
by MonyBear May 3, 2021
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It is a trending term, the ability to coordinate your knees when on top in sexual intercourse, “jumping on his thang
by thetruthtellerlol July 7, 2020
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a private story on snapchat in which someone posts twerking videos of themselves or with friends.
i made a megan knees private story so i can get my hoes back
by yesimfrgay July 5, 2020
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