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Mediacized- Something that has been shaped and warped out of natural balance through the influence of the media or societal influence.
John: "Which is the best news channel I should watch to get the most unbiased reporting from, since I am a Replubican/Democrat, or in other words someone who finds themselves deadstruck in the middle on most political arguments?"

Jack: "No such thing my friend. All of the mainstream media programming such as CNN, Fox, MSNBC, or even HDLN on the television today has been mediacized by the powers at hand. All of these major news programming stations are owned and operated by the largest corporations in America, who also have their hands down the back pockets of the majority of US Congress members. This country is going to shit in a handbag, because of the monetary system, and its inherent tendency to create greed and corruption among all people, especially those at the top of the worlds economic food chain.
by CourtlandAK47 September 21, 2009
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