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(note: this is coming from a person that has never played any of the games but has read the wiki)
Touhou Project, simply referred to as Touhou, is a series of japanese danmaku games created by a single man that undergoes the name "Zun."

Tp put this to simpler terms: it's little girls shooting lasers at each other.

For the majority of the games this is the gameplay in a nutshell: Imagine looking up to see an anvil about to fall on you, and you "dodge" the anvil by going between the spaces between each individual atom. Yep, it's THAT HARD!

Touhou's music is pretty much the the major reason behind it's large fanbase. Because of it's music, unholy abominations like Ronald McDonald Insanity and masterpieces like September First were born.
(honorable mentions: Bonkumiru, Weedumiru)

Q:Just how many characters are there? A: Enough to make Homestuck's cast look like a small village.

Er... do i really have to explain this part?
One of the most biggest fandoms is Touhou Project, a japanese bullet hell game.
by DJ Space Invader October 17, 2016
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Touhou (Or, more spicifically, "The Touhou Project") is a game series originating from Japan. Over the course of 20 years, a total of 16 games have came out for the main series, as well as many spinoffs. The games in the main series are programed by one man (Who goes by the name of "ZUN"), who also does the music and the art for these games. One of the things that makes this series so popular and different from others is it's memes; there are a lot of them. This series was responsible for memes such as "Yukkuri Shiteitte ne!" (Litterally translating as "Take it easy!"), Necrofantasia/Black Midi, Bad Apple!!, U.N. Owen was her?, ⑨, September First (as well as the other "Month First" Memes), as well as countless others. Note the amount of Music Related memes, as this is another thing the series is famous for. The music, which is often said to be some of the best in Videogame history, is extremely famous. The most popular music tracks include the aforementioned Necrofantasia and U.N. Owen was her?, as well as The Beloved Tomboyish Girl, and Septite for a Dead Princess to name a few. Another thing that makes this series different is that, while it does have a nearly completely female cast, has little to no Lewd Fan Service of any kind. In fact, nearly every character has old-style oriental clothing (for instance, many of them wear a Kimono).
Person A: "Dang, that game looks sweet as hell, bro."
Person B: "Yeah! It is a Touhou Project game"
Person A: "Huh?"
Person B: "Here, I will show you!"
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by Stevestapler1111 August 08, 2017
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