the best band in the world.
greatest hits include (but are not limited to):
wart history
heart, prepare to be stolen
by Jamily July 12, 2009
Women that have an ample back side. The connotation is neither positive or negative.
"Man, did you see that tattoo on her meat-toilet?
by pacoromane October 16, 2007
An ample loaf that is left in the toilet. (Which deserves two flushes)
"Man, Whoever left the toilet meat in there needs to go back and flush!"
by Poopinspector#9 March 18, 2010
When you beat your meat on the toilet seat. Exactly what it says
Beat my meat on the toilet seat, Doo da Doo da. Hands got tired so I used my feet, Doo da Doo da. I skeet skeet on the toilet seat, all the Doo da day
by The boonigan man September 17, 2017
when you stop at a weigh side drunk and hungry you stumble into a pissy stall and find a tasty morsel on the toilet seat that satisfies your hunger
Yo Howard! Yesterday after those jello shots I went to the park shitter and passed out, I came to so hungry that I went to the bathroom to eat the meat off the toilet seat!
by OjibweLdF August 1, 2008